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In today’s business world, big, medium or  small, all organisations are facing the unavoidable pressure for continuous change.

Some are facing dramatic disruptions in their specific business areas and traditional business models , some are struggling throughout the journey of digitalization, many still can not cope with the economical turbulance within the global ups and downs...By all means 21st century has become the most dynamic business era of all times, empowered by a huge technological, financial and political shift.


So how to keep up with this momentum? How to be still the winner while swimming through the unpredictable waves of change?

Any chances to stand where we are and wait until the turbulance ends? Or is it a must to move on and

even beyond everyone with a fully equipped change management skill set?

In ThreeD we believe the second option is the ONLY option and we are committed to support you in

this ‘Winning Change Journey’. Let’s look at the facts;

Research suggests that about 70 percent of the time, efforts to change fundamentally the performance of an organization don’t work. The goals that are set are never accomplished, or perhaps they take too long, or the change is only temporary, and gains are frittered away after a couple of years. Rarely does the management team misunderstand what needs to happen. More often, the issue is execution. How do you execute the change that you know needs to happen?  In our experience, there are a few things that tend to be issues, starting with the simple idea that old habits die hard. In other words, transformational change really does require individuals throughout the organization to behave differently on a day-to-day basis. It often means changing processes and procedures that have been in place forever. That’s hard, because it’s a natural human instinct to resist change. So you’ve got to address how people think and act in their day-to-day work.

That goes to point number two: the idea that mind-sets matter. You’ve got to win the hearts and minds in an organization to get it to change. You have to ensure that the people inside the organization understand the rationale for change in the first place. It might be crystal clear in the boardroom or in the executive suite why the organization needs to act differently. But that’s seldom the case on the front line. 

So successful transformation leaders make it their business to focus on getting inside the mind-sets of their

organizations and understanding how attitudes need to evolve to enable the sort of broad-scale,

fundamental change that’s necessary to deliver a real quantum improvement in performance. 

Many organizations fail to think about transformation holistically. The most successful transformations

begin with a simple proposition: everything has to be on the table. That doesn’t mean that all levers will be

given equal weight or all areas will receive equal priority. But if nothing is off the table, the effort to transform

the company will be truly comprehensive. 

Leadership is probably the most important part of this challenge. Leaders take people where they otherwise would not go. The most successful transformation leaders create a compelling case for change. They role model the kinds of behaviors that they want to see throughout the organization. They create rewards and recognitions, reinforcing processes and policies to

ensure the transformation succeeds. Finally, they inspire their colleagues, because every employee makes

a choice, every day, about how much discretionary effort to give. That’s a reservoir that great leaders tap


Transformational change is hard. There’s no doubt about it. Successful leaders align their teams behind

them. They target the bad, old habits that represent the past, and they tackle the mind-sets in the

organization that stand in the way of fundamental change. In that way, they change the odds in their favor

and ensure that their transformation succeeds.


Given all those facts WE, the leadership team of ThreeD, with our extensive experience of ‘Winning Change’,

are ready to create with you the Unique Vision, Strategy and Implementation Road Map customized for your

organisation.  Moreover, WE are ready to take active role in the implementation, follow up and performance

tracking of the CHANGE.


In ThreeD WE believe that big success stories always start with a Compelling Vision, continue with a Daring Strategy and turn out to High Performance in the hands of a Passionate, Capable  team. That’s why DREAM, DARE, DO is our core value...We believe that only the magical touch of the Leader can light that fire of change and start the mind shift towards ‘Beyond Performance Culture’ in the organisations. WE’re ready to assist these TRUE Leaders in their wonderful journey.. 

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